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Surround sound techniques for mixing and composing for the screen

Jul 26, 2016
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It seems that, more than ever, filmmakers are requesting sound mixes to be delivered in surround sound. For this reason, becoming familiar with techniques on how to mix your score in surround can certainly be an advantage. Additionally, composing in surround from the beginning of a project can inform creative decisions, and instruments and sounds may be treated and mixed to make the most of the multiple channels. Furthermore, having control over the final surround mix of the score means that the composer is not reliant on the re-recording mixer to upmix it during the sound mix.

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So…You Call Yourself an Actor!!

Sep 18, 2015

It is the actor’s dilemma, isn’t it? Even though you are called ‘an actor’ … the last thing we want to see on the screen is YOU ACTING!! If a director can see you acting they wont hire you.

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Karate (Directors Cut)

Mar 18, 2015

Just recently, Keiran Watson-Bonice cut another version of Fit Republic's Karate TVC. This TVC is now airing around Victoria.

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