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Harley Davidson TVC Shoot

Mar 16, 2015

Filmed at our new studio in Collingwood, it was a cold and early start. This was the first time we had used our studio for a shoot and we were all excited as we enjoyed our croissants and coffee just before 7am.

In fact it was a day of firsts; it was the first time we opened the big door to our studio, (which almost broke our backs). It was the first time Steve had directed a YPP TVC and it was the first time we used the Canon 60D camera for a shoot (we usually use the Red 1).

The Harley Davidson that we used for filming was dropped off at around 9am by a tough looking biker called Mick who told us in no uncertain terms not to drop the bike. You could see why he was paranoid, the bike just looked awesome.

Treating the $35,000 bike with more care than we do our own wives, we did manage to run the battery dead. I was nominated to tell Mick as I had been wearing the crash helmet for the majority of the shoot.

Matt (DOP), Mark (Cameraman) and Steve Jabba (Director) did a cracking job with creating the right lighting and some stunning images. And you can’t film a Harley without recording it revving up, Gunay did a cool job and we reckon the end result is going to look and sound awesome.