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Roy Beckett’s friends are passionately pursuing the lives they dreamed for themselves as kids but frustratingly for Roy, he isn’t.

Having become unable to do the one thing he was exceptional at, Roy decides he will try everything possible until he finds a new calling.

With the help of friend and ideas man Ed, Roy makes hilarious attempts at baseball, stand up comedy, acting, modelling and boxing, to name a few.

But tensions fray during his stand up comedy attempt and Roy lashes out at his loyal girlfriend, Isabelle and reignites an old dispute with his dad, Rupert, only making him more desperate to find his calling and prove to them he isn’t a quitter.

Becoming totally self obsessed, Roy puts his calling first one too many times and Isabelle leaves him, taking a job opportunity in Sydney and beginning a new relationship.

After a serious injury Roy awakens with new priorities. He needs to make things right.

Through the help of Ed, modern technology and the friends he met along the way Roy manages to win Isabelle back and prove to himself and his father that he can see things through to the end.

Ashley Harris
Zachary Perez