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Sitting around the table at the backend of a big night, three men prepare for a weekend getaway the only way they know how – with plenty of booze, cards and puff. But as the saying goes, things only go downhill after midnight.

Sanga, Norto and Mason are clinging to past glories as raucous, party-loving twenty-somethings. But with a boys' trip planned the next day, an unspoken tension resides amongst this group of lifelong mates attempting to confront the realisation they’re slowly drifting apart.

As Norto and Sanga push to keep the card game on track, Mason proves to be a thorn of sorts. His regular breaks not only become a frustration to his mates, but also threaten to be a catalyst for a heated furore. Then suddenly, Sanga discovers the true reason for Mason’s repeated visits to the bathroom. What follows is an appearance of a creepy neighbour, some moments of truth and plenty of banter as the guys wait for their lift to the coast.

The Goth is a hilarious but hard-hitting movie about the misadventures of mateship, and what happens when close bonds are severely tested.

Ash Harris
Ash Harris
Ash Harris
Mark Morris
Ashlee Lukas
Sound Editor
Andrew McGrath
Sound Mixer
Andrew McGrath


Travis McMahon
Stephen Carracher
Dan Haberfield
Don Bridges
Creepy Jesus
Jana Wilkes
The Goth
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